Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Next Experience … 8 August 2020

Next Experience … 8 August 2020

Self Reflection on Life Topics: SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT, HOME, MOTHERS and FATHERS.

Self-reflection is when you seriously take time to think about your character and your behavior, analyzing where it comes from, what it means to you, is it ‘working’ for you and what can you do about it.

By following the simple process of collecting information about yourself, recording it, analyzing it, and finding ways to deal with it, you will find that life becomes a celebration every day and you can face each day with new strength and joy.

In this experience, I will share some of my own reflections on chosen topics and I will lead you into questions that you may ask yourself. By answering these questions, you will start the process of self-reflection that encourages you to think deeply about your own journey, developing awareness and insight into yourself and your behavior.

This experience is conducted in ENGLISH and is FREE of charge!

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